Citizens of Ireland, this centenary year we commemorate the heroes of 1916 who fought for Ireland’s freedom. We at Claremorris B.N.S recognise their bravery and determination.  We are proud of the country we live in and are thankful for the freedoms we can have in Ireland today, a country where everyone is equal thanks be to God and to those who fought for us and Independence in 1916.

We proudly re-declare our independence as a nation and pledge our allegiance to our country, its citizens, uniqueness, culture, language and sovereignty. We welcome peaceful negotiations and co-operative work in all areas with all the people of the island of Ireland, our neighbours in Britain, Europe and the World to help create and sustain a safe, happy, healthy and enjoyable world in which to live, work, play, rest and enjoy. We are grateful that we can have our own elected governments which we hope will make decisions for the people of Ireland.

We are against bullying in any form as its effects can be very harmful and we hope one day it will be extinct. Respect for life and tolerance to others’ views and lifestyle is needed. We believe that Ireland is and should continue to be a place that both gives and receives respect and that places a responsibility on all citizens, our political leaders and elected representatives to do the same by showing good example.

In Ireland, we should try to keep the environment as safe and as clean as possible, as in doing so now, will avoid generations that follow having to spend decades trying to in the future, therefore we need to encourage people to be more environmentally aware, responsible and active but in order to do this we need financial aid from the government.

We believe that everyone is entitled to good health. As a nation we try to share everything and give each person an equal opportunity and we believe that having and maintaining a good health system is hugely important. The country’s inhabitants and global corporations have a duty to promote healthy diet and lifestyles which are essential to good health. Each person, we believe, is entitled to a secure home, which should be based on the principles of fair and affordable rent if relevant, low interest rates for mortgages or loans and no direct taxes on the dwellings or fundamental rights of citizens.

We are thankful for the education system we have and hope that it can only improve further for all participants, to allow people to try to reach their own potential and have a stable future with choice and the availability of employment.

Ireland has changed a lot since 1916.  It is a growing country with many new members and we all should try to ensure it continues that way. It is now a country of many groups and peoples. We believe that we are and always should be a welcoming country and recognise how necessary yet unfortunate it was for some of our ancestors and citizens to emigrate and go to other countries. We thank those who welcomed us and helped us in times of great need. We are very proud of our country today but are always looking at how we can further improve it and allow us to be the best that we can be.

As a result of all this, we hereby proclaim with God’s help, a better, safer, cleaner, more inclusive Ireland now and for the many generations to come.  

Signed: Harry Allsopp, Joseph Gilmore, Ronan Prendergast, Darragh Joyce, Deivydas Ponisko, Mike Heaney, Mr. Mark Loftus.