An Taisce have confirmed that we have been successful in achieving our Travel Flag!

Well done to all the committee for their work. Thanks to all pupils, their parents and teachers for their commitment to the cause.


Thanks to the whole school community! Well done everyone!


National SOW week

This week is National SOW or Scoot to school week.

Particular emphasis for those with scooters are encouraged to use them safetly in travelling to school this week. As many as possible could aim to do this for Wednesday 11th of March. 

The Big Travel Challenge 2020

We are focussing on a 10 day challenge in particular in February 5th -19th school days

Walking and Park N Stride are the main focus but of course all others are encourage top.


Statistically, we are finding that Walking, Park N Stride and Bus are our highest figures, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in them and then also cycling, scooting and carpooling (hopefully with hybrid vehicles or all electric)


please do what you can to make the environment cleaner, safer and better for us, your children, and the next generations children.

How we end to today, shapes our tomorrow!


On October 16th we had a Combined COW, Cycle on Wednesday WOW Walk On Wednesday and SOW Scoot On Wednesday day for Green Schools, our Travel flag as it is National Climate Awareness Week this week also. 

Many pupils also did park n' stride and others came by bus.  Well done and thanks tro those pupils who did. The proof is there that if you can do it on one day, you can do it all days!

We need to try and not use  cars at all if we live near enough to school. 

Remember our slogan is 

"Walk while you can, spare the oil can!"


Fact sheet for Parents

The School Journey

Fact sheet for parents

Over the past 20 years the percentage of children travelling to school by car nationally has doubled.


In some cases the majority of these journeys are less than one mile.  At 8:50 am, almost one in five cars on the road are on the school run.  There is no doubt that this causes major congestion problems in the towns and around the school gates.


Walking to school is good for the environment and it eases congestion.  On a personal level, there are health, financial and even social benefits to leaving the car at home.


It is hard to break a daily habit, particularly one that might appear to be the easiest, safest and most convenient option.  Yet there are many factors worth considering when deciding if the school run is really worth the headache…




  • The school run can mean significant cost implications, with families spending over €400 annually on the drive to school in petrol costs and wear and tear to the average car.




  • Walking is good for us: a brisk one-mile walk to school and back burns around 150 calories, as well as boosting the metabolism, burning fat and helping cut the risk of heart disease by up to half. It also counts towards an adult’s 30 minutes a day of exercise to keep healthy.


  • Experts suggest that the best way to lose weight and stay healthy is to find an exercise that suits you and will comfortably fit into your life, such as walking to school.  Walking is also free - you don’t have to join a gym and you don’t need to wear lots of lycra.


  • There is a growing body of evidence that children who are fit and healthy do better at school compared to their unfit classmates. Children who walk or cycle to school are also more ready to learn when they get into the classroom and concentrate for longer (up to 4 hours) than those who arrived by car.


Social life


  • Walking to school is good for your social life.  It’s a good way of meeting people and having quality time with your child. Children enjoy meeting their friends on the journey to school


What children want


  • Research shows that cycling and walking are children's top choice for travelling to school. The majority who travel by car to school would rather walk or cycle, with virtually all of the primary school children who live in York and who are driven to school living within a 15-minute walk or cycle.


  • The best things about walking to school include meeting and talking to friends, getting some fresh air, getting some exercise, and spending time with mum, dad or gran etc.


Road Safety


  • Children learn to get around their local community and develop road safety skills which will be good preparation for going to Secondary school as independent travellers.


On May 15th we had a WOW day and on June 26th most pupils in 5th class took part in a special Cycle around the town with Local Garda John Monaghan, An Taisce Green Schools travel Co-ordinator for Mayo Lukas Krzywon and Mr Kenny. They took a safe bike trip around the town and Clare Lake at McMahon Park. Thanks to all for their participation and assistance.


On March 13th We held a SOW Scoot on Wednesday  day for 2nd & 3rd class especially.

Training was given by our Green Schools Travel Officer Lukasz Krzywon who also did a talk with other classes on Climate Change. 


Meanwhile 5th class are currently receiving Cycle training with Gerard Butler from Cycle Right

and funding from An Taisce Green schools for this came through as has information that the school has been successful in being granted funding to have cycle parking installed. More updates on that again.


Travel Challenge update

After 2 weeks from 4th -15th of February 2019

The number of pupils who took part in our Park & Stride effort went from 6 on the 1st day to 58 on the last day! 

That was a great achievement and it shows that we can make a difference when we work together for the benefit of not just our health and school but for the environment.


Thanks to all the pupils and their parents/guardians who got on board and to the teachers also who were there each morning as per Yard duty roster to walk the pupils back to the school.

Our application is being sent off and we await to see if we win anything from An Taisce Green Schools in that regard

2 week Park and Stride Attempt

In an effort to achieve our Green Flag for Travel and also our "one Good Idea Project" as well as the Green Schools Travel competition "The Big Travel Challenge"

We are currently as part of all these ventures enaged in a highlighting campaign for Park & Stride specifically over the 1st Two Weeks in February. (10 school days)

Over the past number of months, it is still very obvious through our weekly travel surveys,  that the majority of pupils are still travelling to and from school by car daily. Undoubtedly, many fewer need to!  They live within a close enough distance to walk, cycle, or park & stride. But only you, their parents or guardians can hive them an alternative to this as mentioned in the form of healthier and more eco-friendly travel methods.

Our aim is to have pupils who normally travel to and from school by car only to change their habits to Park & Stride for the 2 weeks 4th- 15th of Februaruy.

This is where we need your assistance. In or der to attempt to achieve this vision to increase the number of pupils who Park & Stride rather than just get dropped off individually at the school gate and collected there daily, we want you to drop them off at the Train station car-park or Tesco Carpark each morning from 5 to nine to 5 past 9.

There will be be a different teacher present daily who will then leave the carparks and walk with the pupils who got dropped off, to the school. 

We hope to see as many of you as possible changing the habit of just dropping pupils off at the school and instead, allowing them to be involved in the Park & Stride event. 

You are also most welcome to be invovledin the very short walk up/ down from those two location drop-off points and walk your son with us to school. 


We really need a big effort from as many as possible for this! Please help!

It goes without saying obviously, those pupils who already are using more healthy, sustainabl, climate aware travel methods like walking, or cycling to school should still do this as normal.

It's the ones who are just travelling by car/jeep, landrover, people carrier, SUV, we are trying to get the change from. 


Many thanks, and good luck with this venture!

Mr Mak Loftus. Principal & Green School's Co-ordinator 2019/2020



Dear Parents,

We, the Green Schools Committee are working hard helping our school to get its 4th Green Flag. The 4th Green Flag is a sustainable travel flag that asks us to encourage pupils, parents and staff to walk, bus, cycle, car-pool( including the Karaoke if you wish), park n stride or scoot on the school run. We would like to do a park’n’stride to investigate the possibilities for our school. We did a walk ability audit with Lukasz Krzywon, the officer from the Green Schools and discovered that from the Car Park near the Train Station could be a great location for our park’n’stride location. The walk from there would take us about 4 ½ minutes and is approximately ½  km long. It is similar distance from Tesco Carpark. This can be an alternative for people coming in from that side. Please wear the hi-vis RSA or similar vests school provided to pupils through Parents’ Association at our Fundraising walk in October.

To launch the beginning of our work on the Travel Flag we are organising a “Walk on Wednesday” on the 5th of December with lots of choices and possibilities for parents and kids to decide what suits them best.  Those who wish to walk from the park’n’stride location will be starting at 9:00 am with others joining from the Tesco direction point, all arriving at school together meeting those from the opposite direction.

Active travel to school in the mornings gets us happier, fitter, more alert and focused and ready for our school day. It will also make the school gates safer as there is a safety issue at school gates presently. We, as a school community would really appreciate all the help and support from our parents and pupils as we undertake this “Walk on Wednesday”. In advance, thank you very much for your continued interest and support in all our school activities. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanking you,

Green Schools Coordinator.


May. 17, 2017

Green Flag for Water 2017 awarded

We achieved our 3rd Green Flag for Water. It was presented to us at a special ceremony in the McWilliam Hotel, Claremorris on Thursday 11th of May.
Thanks to the great work of the Green Schools Committe members and all the teachers, especially Mr Kenny, Ms Frawley and Ms Moloney and all the parents and pupils.

Claremorris Boys NS - 2nd Green Flag
We are now hoping to get our third flag for Water

CBNS: Walk 4 Water - Day of Action
Classes together carried approx 30 litres of water 1K through the town in solidarity with those in some countries who carry it up to 10K each day!